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Wedding Anniversary at Yelveton.

This traditional Penrose marquee was hired for a wedding anniversary in the large, picturesqe village of Yelveton, lying on the South-Western edge of Dartmoor in Devon.

The marquee was erected in front of the main house, with window walls along two sides, allowing guests to view the surrounding gardens and buildings whilst fully protected from any adverse weather conditions.

The customer opted for the undressed marquee which showcases the timber poles and beams that provide the skeleton of the marquee. They utilised green carpeting allowing for a firm surface and also protecting the lawn from wear and tear during the event

A kitchen extension was also required, allowing the caterers to serve the buffet and Canapes directly into the marquee. The use of a baffle screen across the entrance to the catering marquee stops guests from being able to see in and for any unsaviory noises or smells to enter the marquee floor area.

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